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Turkish Straits Proforma

Please enter NRT and GRT.

(without agency service) $
Pilotage - Optional   Up   Down
Strait of Istanbul   
Strait of Canakkale   

Strait of Istanbul Up $ Down $
Strait of Canakkale Up $ Down $
Motor Launch Services If Used
New Tariffs $


    The tariff will be valid after 7.10.2022.
  • Please do not forget to click at above "nrt / grt , tanker or non-tanker , pilot requests / direction & strait names" for more accurate proforma.
  • The proforma covers Turkish Straits north & southbound passages asper official tariff.
  • The proforma is invalid if vessel makes any Turkish port call at any direction
  • There will be 50 pct surcharge by Authorities at pilotage/tuggage service/s given between Saturday 1300hrslt and Sunday 2400hrslt and plus official holidays.
  • If vessel's LOA is over 299,99mtrs the agency fee will be 75pct higher. Also there will be additional charges ie: escort tugs, compulsory pilotages, etc..
  • The above proforma is not for towage / convoy or any special passages as such specific passages have a special application
  • There will be additional charges if vessel has any defiencies or extra ordinary circumstances
  • For over 249,99mtrs LOA tankers there will be extra cost for escort tug at Istanbul Strait only
  • Please bear in mind that pilotage service (if no defiency onboard or extra ordinary circumstances) is only optional at Turkish Straits if vessel is not making any port call at Marmara Sea. However , Istanbul Strait pilotage service is highly recommended by Turkish Straits Authorities.
  • Pilotage service is compulsory for a Marmara Sea port calling vessel at the passing Strait (excluding Marmara Sea pilotage). Only exemption is for Turkish Flagged vessels , these vessels can transit to & from Marmara sea port without pilot at the Strait.