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OPERATED BY: Botas Petroleum Pipeline Corporation
ADDRESS: Batman Dortyol Boru Hatti Isletme Mud. P.K.5 Dortyol, Hatay ? TURKIYE
PHONE: 90(326) 744 55 77 / 4 lines
FAX: 90 (326) 744 55 84

DESCRIPTION OF THE TERMINAL: Dortyol Botas Oil Terminal is in the Botas (Ceyhan) port limits and it is situated on the northern coast of Iskenderun bay, 15 km further than Dortyol Town . Botas Dortyol Terminal Administration is located in Dortyol. Only crude oil is handled at the terminal.

LOCATION: Approx. Lat: 36 51' 42 N, Long: 36 08' 28" E

ANCHORAGE: Tankers can enter Dortyol Oil Terminal roads in any time without pilot, drop anchor approximately Lat:36 50' 00"N Long: 36 05' 00"E (abt. 1,5 miles off the buoys) and the masters register the arrival to Ceyhan Botas Oil Terminal pilot station through channel 22, 24 or 16 of VHF. Vessels are obliged to fly clean Turkish flag during their stay at all Turkish Ports.

BREAK WATER: It is not available.

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory for mooring- unmooring the terminal. Pilot boards the vessels 1-1, 5 miles off the pier. The service is provided by Ceyhan Botas Oil Terminal.

TOWAGE: Towage is compulsory for over than 2000 Grt Vessels during mooring- unmooring to the terminal. There are 5 tugboats available service for 24 consecutive hours including the weekends. Depending on weather and having regard for safety conditions, additional tugs may be assigned by Botas or port master's office or requested by vessel. The service is provided by Ceyhan Botas Oil Terminal.

RESTRICTIONS: Up to 30.000 Dwt tankers can berth any time, over than 30.000 Dwt tankers can berth only in day light. Unberthing is possible 24 hours if weather condition permits.

AVAILABLE HOSES: 4x10? inch; however only 2X10? Inch hoses connect to mid ship during loading.

SHORE CRANE: 1x2 ton swl is available,

LOADING RATE: Loading rate is 3500 ton per day,

BERTHING: Tankers moor to berth from stern side with two anchors and aft lines. The terminal accepts tankers up to 60.000 Dwt with max. 250 m Loa, 35 m beam. 12 m draft and 13 m air draft.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Service is compulsory.

BALLAST: Shore ballast tank capacity is 6.000 m tons. Tankers should not discharge any part of the content of their cargo, slop or ballast tanks or bilges into the water of the port which is liable to pollute these waters. Ballast water must be declared and signed by the Master and delivered to the terminal to this effect. Ship can not be swept or washed overboard.

FRESH WATER: It is available from the pier.

BUNKER SUPPLIES: It is not available alongside. Gas oil and Fuel oil are available only by barges at the roads.

PROVISIONS AND BONDED STORES: Provisions are available from local shipchandlers ? Bonded store is not available,

NEAREST AIRPORT: The nearest airport is in Adana .The distance is 90 km from the port.

SHORE LEAVE: Shore leaving is possible after completing custom and immigration formalities. Crew are permitted ashore with shore passes and Seaman's books and all shore passes have to be returned to Immigration before departure. It is forbidden to walk on jetty and in terminal area. A vehicle is obtained by Terminal for the needs of the crew and vehicle goes only to the gates.


DENSITY:Salt water 1027

OTHER INFORMATION: After the ship has berthed, the Loading master stays on the ship and requires a separate cabin.

All information about "Harbour Regulations" and "International Oil Tanker and Terminal Safety Guide" is given to Master after berthing. The main engines of all vessels while at the berth should be kept ready for immediate use. Fire Fighting Equipment must be adequately manned for fire- fighting and vacating the berth in case of an emergency.


Botas Harbour Master
Ceyhan Botas Pilot Station
Isdemir Custom Control Office
I skenderun Sanitary office
Iskenderun Immigration office
90 (322) 639 21 39
90 (322) 639 24 65(internal; 1242)
90 (326) 758 35 02
90 (326) 613 63 63
90 (326) 614 21 31

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