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ADDRESS : Yazici Demir Celik San. A.S. Liman Tesisleri, Sariseki Mevkii , 31200 Iskenderun - Turkey
PHONE: +90(326) 656 28 10-11
FAX: +90(326) 656 29 09

DESCRIPTION OF THE PIER: Yazici pier is in the Sariseki area and it is situated about seven nautical miles northward of Iskenderun Tcdd port. It is a private finger type pier and owned by the Yazici Iron Factory which primarily serves their iron and steel plant at the same location, Third parties are allowed to utilize the pier. Loading unloading services are available for Scrap, Wooden log (Poles), all kind of iron, steel coils-plate, Bulk Fertilizer, Wheat and General Cargo.

LOCATION: Approx. Lat: 36 41' 30" N, Long: 36 11' 30" E

ANCHORAGE: The vessels can enter Yazici pier roads in any time without pilot, drop anchor in front of the of the pier(about 0.5 mile off the pier) and the masters register the arrival to Dekas Pilot station through channel 14- 16 of VHF. Vessels are obliged to fly clean Turkish flag during their stay at all Turkish Ports.

BREAK WATER: It is not available,

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory for berthing - unberthing the pier. Pilot boards the vessels at anchorage place. The service is provided by the Dekas Pilot. VHF channels 14-16

TOWAGE: Towage is compulsory for over than 2000 Grt vessels while mooring- unmooring the pier. Three tugboats are available service 24 consecutive hours including the weekends and provided by the Dekas -Medmarine Co.

RESTRICTIONS: The vessels berth and unberth through 24 hrs. Max allowable Loa is 250 meters and permissible Draft is maximum 15 meters. The Petroleum and explosive chemicals tankers can not berth to the pier.
PIER WORKING HOURS: Administrative: 08.30-17.00

The pier operates 24 hours a day with a rotation of two shifts year round. Service is provided by Yazici pier administration.

First Shifts : 08.00-20.00 Hrs

Second Shift : 20.00-08.00 Hrs

CARGO HANDLING EQUIPMENTS: Mobile cranes of 2x64 ton, 2x35 ton, 3x15 ton capacities plus 4 forklifts of 3 to 5 tons capacities. Lashing / Unlashing are available by gangs.

STORAGE: Open stocking area is 60.000sqm and Covered custom bonded area is 4.000 sqm (40.000 m3),

CARGO HANDLING RATE: Average discharging rates (per day) for Scrap is 3.000 to 4.500 ton, Bulk Ore- coal are 5.000 tons, Bagged cargo is 2.000 tons, Log iron is 2.000 tons, Bulk fertilizer and wheat are 4000 to 5.000 tons. Average loading rate (per day) for Steel bar is 3.000 to 3.500 tons.

BERTHING PRIORITY: The first priority is for vessels discharging - loading cargoes which belong to the Yazici plant,

BERTHING: The pier can accommodate 40-50.000 DWT vessels. Max 250 m Loa and Max 15 m draft .Height from the sea level 4.60 m.

Length (m)
Width (m)
Draft (m)

Left Side Bulk/Gen. Cargo
-10 -19,5(Permissible max 15 m draft)

Right Side Bulk/Gen. Cargo
-10 -19,5(Permissible max 15 m draft)

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Service is compulsory,

WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: It is not available,

FRESH WATER: It is available on pier,

BUNKER SUPPLIES: Gas oil, Fuel oil and lubricants are available for delivery to ships by truck- tankers and barges.

PROVISIONS AND BONDED STORES: Provisions are available from local shipchandlers - Bonded store is not available

NEAREST AIRPORT: The nearest airport is in Adana .The distance is 123 km from the pier,

SHORE LEAVE: Shore leaving is possible after completing custom and immigration formalities. Crew are permitted ashore with shore passes and Seaman's books .All shore passes have to be returned to Immigration before departure,


DENSITY: Salt water 1028


Iskenderun Harbour Master : 90 (326) 614 11 92
Dekas Pilot Station : 90 (326) 613 19 73
Ekinci Custom Control Office: 90 (326) 656 21 31
Iskenderun Sanitary office : 90 (326) 613 63 63
Iskenderun Immigration office : 90 (326) 614 21 31

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