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PORT OPERATOR: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD)

ADDRESS: TCDD Liman Isletmesi Mudurlugu Iskenderun - Turkey
PHONE: (326) 614 00 44 and 47 -48
FAX: (326) 613 24 24
POSITION: Latitude 36 35' N, Longitude 36 10' E
ANCHORAGE: should not be less than 600 m. to 800 m. from the breakwater, where quarantine control is performed, and where depth ranges from 15.0 m. to 25.0 m.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: Iskenderun port is situated on the North east of the Mediterranean Sea. It serves the Southeast, East Anatolian regions as well as transit traffic to the Middle east countries. The port connected to the national railway system to every quay. Dangerous cargo is discharged into lighters and stored special areas. The port has a breakwater of 1.400 m. long and is protected from N and S winds. Sudden and very strong winds called "Yarikkaya" blow from North and east during winter season and shore cranes stop operating.

RESTRICTION: depth at the port entrance is 12 m.

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory for the vessels entering or leaving the port and is provided by the Port
Administration. VHF channels 16, 13. (Iskenderun TCDD Pilot)

TOWAGE: 5 tugs 970 h.p. - 2620 h.p. available and provided by the the Port Administration.

CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES: The equipment at the port includes 21 shore and yard cranes of 3 to 25 tons capacity, 11 mobile cranes of 3 to 25 tons capacity, 12 crawler cranes, 2 container forklifts of 2 to 5 tons capacity, 4 tug masters, 7 tractors, 3 loaders, 8 trailers of 20 tons capacity, 6 trailers of 40 tons capacity, 6 trailers of 40 tons capacity, 2 pneumatics of 50 tons/hour capacity.

FLOATING CRAFT: The floating comprises 2 pilot boats , 1 floating crane of 90 tons capacity, 6 tugboats,
2 mooring boats and 2 service boats.

GENERAL CARGO FACILITIES: There are 4 berths with a total length of 693 m. and with alongside depth of 10 m. The berths and yard behind are well equipped with modern and high performance cranes and
handling facilities.

CONTAINER FACILITIES: The port does not have specific container equipment. Mixed container operations are carried out at the port by a fixed shore crane of 25 tons lifting capacity and 2 container forklifts of 10 to 42 tons lifting capacity. Reefer points for refrigerated containers are available on a 75,000 sq.m concrete yard.

ORE AND BULK HANDLING FACILITIES: Conveyors are available for ore, grain and coal handling, operation at a rate 250 tons/hr., 300 tons/hr. respectively. The construction of a grain silo of 60,000 tons capacity has been completed, and has a conveyor connection with the quay.

RO-RO FACILITIES: are carried out at the berths 7 and 10.

WEIGHING FACILITIES: Four weigh bridges of up to 100 tons capacity are available.

No 1: G. Cargo/Container 170 -8.5 1x25 T, 1x5 T
No 2: G. Cargo 170 -8.5 2x5 T , 1x3 T
No 3: G. Cargo
2x5 T, 1x3 T

No 4: G.Cargo 177 -8.5 2x5 T, 1x3 T
No 5: G.Cargo 137.5 -5.5 Mobil cranes
No 6: G.Cargo 137.5 -4.5 Mobil cranes
No 7: Dry Bulk and Ro-Ro 180 -9.15 3x10 T
No 8: Dry Bulk 180 -10.8 3x10 T, conveyor
No 9: Dry Bulk 180 -11.0 3x10 T, conveyor
No 10: Dry bulk and Ro-Ro 180 -9.15 3x10 T

CARGO HANDLING RATES: Average rates (per hour) G.Cargo 100 tons to 125 tons, bagged 125 tons to 150 tons, cotton 100 tons.

STORAGE: open storage area of 374.630sqm. and covered storage area of 19.076 sqm.

WORKING HOURS: Administrative: 08.30-17.00 Operational: Service is provided to vessels every day of week 24 hours with a rotation of there shifts. First Shift: 08.00-16.30 Second Shift: 16.30-00.30 Third Shift: 00.30-08.00

FRESH WATER: available alongside at 20 tons/hour and from one barge of 200 tons capacity.

BUNKERS: Available by road tankers though private suppliers.

AIRPORT: At Adana .Approximately 147 km from the port.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: service is compulsory.

WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: collection service is available. The waste oil is collected by 5 cu.m. mobile tanks. There is another tank 80 cu.m. Capacity inside the port. An oil-water separator system is available at the capacity of 7.500 cu.m./year is also available.

PORT DEVELOPMENT: In order meet the container handling requirements which will arise from the Southeast Anatolian project (GAP), a container terminal is planned to be constructed at the port. The feasibility study, which will constitute a basis for the construction of a container terminal, has been completed.

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