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OPERATED BY: Seka Mediterranean Paper Mill

ADDRESS: Seka Akdeniz Mussesesi Mudurlugu ,Tasucu /Mersin-Turkey
PHONE: 90(324) 741 25 91
FAX: 90(324) 741 49 97

DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: Tasucu Seka port is situated on the Mediterranian Sea coast, on Tasucu bay, about 50 miles far from the port of Mersin . Port is protected by two breakwaters of 1.421 m. and 440 m. long., The depth at the entrance is 10, 0 m inside the breakwaters,

LOCATION: Approx. Lat: 36 18' 34" N, Long: 33 53' 24" E

ANCHORAGE: Safe anchorage in open roads outside main breakwater, Vessels can enter Tasucu Seka port roads in any time without pilot, drop anchor about 1 mile off the breakwater(Prohibited within the entrance port) and the masters register the arrival to the Seka pilot station through channel 12 -16 of VHF. Vessels are obliged to fly clean Turkish flag during their stay at all Turkish Ports,

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory for vessels' entering- leaving the port. The service is provided by the Seka Port administration and is available 24 hours / 7 days a week, VHF channels 12-16.

TOWAGE: Towage is compulsory for over than 2000 Grt vessels during their mooring - unmmoring to the port. Three tugboats are available service for 24 consecutive hours including the weekends and it is provided by the Port Seka Port Administration,

FLOATING CRAFT: The floating craft comprise 1 pilot boat, 3 tugboats and 2 mooring boats,

RESTRICTIONS: The vessels less than 15.000 Grt and which are not carrying dangerous IMO rated cargoes can berth and unberth through 24 hrs. Vessels over 15.000 grt and all vessels carrying dangerous goods can only berth and unberth in daylight hrs. Max allowable Loa is 250 meters. Max draft is 9.60 m,

PORT WORKING HOURS: Administrative: 08.30-17.00 Operational: Service is provided to vessels 7 days a week. 24 hours a day with a rotation of three shifts,

First Shifts : 00.00-08.00 Hrs
Second Shift : 08.00-16.30 Hrs
Third Shift : 16.30-24.00 Hrs

CARGO HANDLING EQUIPMENT: Shore cranes of 2x 5 tons + 1x10 tons capacity plus two Mobile cranes of 15 to 35 tons capacities,

STORAGE: Total port area is 219.000 m2 -Open storage areas are 210.000 m2 and covered storage areas are 9.000 m2,

CARGO HANDLING RATES: Shore and vessel's gears are 2.000/2500 mtons/day for bulk, 500 mtons/day for paper,

GENERAL CARGO & BULK CARGO BERTHS: There are 5 berths with a total length of 588 m. and with 5.40 to 9.6o m. available drafts. The berths are equipped with 1X10 tons - 2x5 tons Shore cranes,


RO-RO BERTH: The port has a berth for Ro-ro vessels with 20 meters length and 9.15 meters draft,

BERTHING PRIORITY: The frst priority is for navy, passenger, vegetable and fruit vessels. The second priority is to Ro-Ro vessels. If there is no berth available then ships wait for turn in roads at anchor,


No 1: General Cargo 81 -5.40

No 2: General Cargo 77 -5.40

No 3: General Cargo 120 -5.40

No 4-5: General Cargo 310 -9.60

No 6: Ro-ro and Ferryboat 20 -9.15

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Service is compulsory,

WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: Collection service is unavailable,

FRESH WATER: It is available only alongside at 10 tons/hour,

BUNKER SUPPLIES: Gas oil-Fuel oil and lubricants are available for delivery to ships by truck tankers or barge fm Mersin ,

PROVISIONS AND BONDED STORES: Provisions are available from local shipchandlers - Bonded store is not available,

NEAREST AIRPORT: The nearest air port is in Adana . The distance is 174 km from the port,

SHORE LEAVE: Shore leaving is possible after completing custom and immigration formalities. Crew are permitted ashore with shore passes and Seaman's books .All shore passes have to be returned to Immigration before departure,


DENSITY: Salt water 1026



8 copies of crew list. If any on board 8 copies of passenger list and 6 copies of stowaway list. 2 copies of crew effect declaration, 2 copies of store list including bunker rob figures, 1 copy of maritime health declaration, Cargo manifest, Bill of Lading, Last port clearance, all crew passports or Seaman's books, The Flag state endorsement of deck and engine officers, all ships certificates in original,

Tasucu Harbour Master : 90(324) 741 40 04
Seka Pilot Station : 90(324) 741 25 91
Tasucu Custom Control Office : 90(324) 741 40 39
Tasucu Sanitary Office : 90(324) 741 42 89
Tasucu Immigration Office : 90(324) 741 41 95
Mersin Weather Forecast Station : 90(324) 325 49 70

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