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OPERATED BY: Iskolden co., Iskenderun , Turkey
PHONE: 90(326) 614 04 21

DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATFORM: Name of the Turkish flag Platform is ?Isken? which is in the Botas (Ceyhan) port limits. The platform is located on the northern west coast of Iskenderun bay at Ceyhan Botas Tanker Terminal roads in about 4 nautical miles far from the shore and the power plant. The Platform only gives discharging service of steam coal, which is arrived mostly in Capesize vessels from South Africa and Columbia , which belongs to Sugozu coal-fired 1200 MW power station near Yumuratlik,Sugozu village.

The platform is a twin hulled, non-propelled floating cargo handling terminal, with the structural design similar to semi-submersible oil drilling and production platforms. It consists of two pontoon hulls,The port side hull is somewhat longer than the starboard side pontoon, to provide more buoyancy required to support bigger weight of equipment installed on port side, namely mainly the cargo handling cranes. The starboard pontoon contains engine and pump rooms, as well as fuel and ballast tanks.

The platform is lightering deep-draft ocean going coal carriers onto shallow-draft self-unloading barges shuttled by a pusher-tug between the Transshipper and the power plant.

Coal is imported, usually in capesize bulkcarriers shipments, from RSA and Colombia by RAG Trading and Rheinbraun Brennstoff, a RWE afilliate company.

Coal from big bulkcarriers (up to 240 000 dwt) moored at the ?Isken? transhipment platform is loaded on two self-unloading, shallow-draft hopper barges, 10 000 dwt each. Pusher tugs bring them to the shoreside jetty, where, with own continuous cargo handling gear (conveyors), the barges is feeding coal to plant's storage yards supplying conveyors system. While one barge is loaded by Transshipper,the other one is busy with unloading at the shore pier. Two of the Oldendorff's 10.000 dwt hopper selfunloading units are there.

The Transshipper's cargo handling operations are effected through three 45 tons SWL, twin-girder jib grab cranes, at the port side of its deck structure. The jib of each crane weighs 100 tons and huge coal grab, that can contain 30 tons of cargo - 15 tons.

In case of a breakdown of the conveyor system, the cranes are arranged for the transfer coal directly from the bulk carrier's hold into the barge.

Cargo handling operations are suspended in winds of Beaufort 8 and waves exceeding 2.5 m. For weathering severe storms, which are extremely rare in Iskenderun bay, the Transshipper is to be towed to a permanent hurricane buoy.

For mooring to the bulk carrier, the Transshipper is equipped with mooring and breasting winches forward and aft on the main deck of its port hull.

To facilitate gradual "towing" of barges under the platform's deck and loading chute, for even distribution of cargo loaded onto barge's hopper, a set of four mooring / traction winches (two on each side) and several mooring pipes or rolls are provided.

On the Transshipper's deck structure, parking positions is arranged for 3 wheel loaders and 3 caterpillar excavators, as well as for 1 spare crane grab.

LOCATION: Approximately Lat: 36 48' 00"N, Long: 35 56' 00"E

ANCHORAGE : About 1 mile off the platform,

BREAK WATER: It is not available,

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory for berthing- unberthing. Pilot boards the vessels few cables off the platform.

TOWAGE: Towage is compulsory.

CARGO HANDLING RATES: It varies between 10.000 to 20.000 mtons per day wp.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Service is compulsory,

WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: It is not available,

FRESH WATER: It is not available,

BUNKER SUPPLIES: It is not available alongside. Gas oil and Fuel oil are available only by barges at the roads.

PROVISION AND BONDED STORES: Provisions are available from local shipchandlers ? Bonded store is not available.

NEAREST AIRPORT: The nearest airport is in Dalaman.The distance is 80 km.

SHORE LEAVE: Shore leaving is possible after completing custom and immigration formalities. Crew are permitted ashore with shore passes and Seaman's books .All shore passes have to be returned to Immigration before departure.


DENSITY: Salt water 1026


Botas Harbour Master 90 (322) 639 21 39

Botas Custom Control Office 90 (322) 639 24 65 (internal: 1255)

Botas Sanitary office 90 (322) 639 24 65 (internal: 1258)

Botas Immigration office 90 (322) 639 24 65 (internal: 1262)

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