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OPERATED BY: Sedef Gemi Endustrisi A.S.

ADDRESS: Dil Iskelesi - Icmeler Mevkii 41455 Gebze - Kocaeli, Turkey
PHONE: (262) 641 50 50 ( pbx)
FAX: (262) 641 67 30
LOCATION: 40° 46' N, 29° 32' E

PORT DESCRIPTION: Sedefport is strategically located in the industrial hinterland of Istanbul and Kocaeli along the north coast of the Sea of Marmara. Two major highways less then 2 km away provide good access to the region. Sedefport is committed to providing fast and efficient container and general cargo handling, inland transportation and Ro- Ro services. Annual container handling capacity is 75,000 teu and stacking capacity is 5,000 teu. 800,000 tons of general cargo can be handled a year. There is 2,400m2 of covered area.
4,000m2 of parking area is available for trailers, trucks and other vehicles.

MAIN ACTIVITY: Containers (geared vessels), steel products.

UNACCEPTED CARGOES: Scrap, coal and chemicals.

ANCHORAGE AREAS: please see "Gulf of Izmit" (Information on best location of anchorage will be given by Pilot station)

PILOTAGE: : is compulsory in the Gulf of Izmit from Darica to the port and for berthing and unberthing and anchoring, provided by the Dekas Pilot.VHF channels 12, 16.

TOWAGE: and/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and and provided by the the Med-Marine.

BERTHING: Multi purpose terminal for ro-ro Containers and conventional cargo.

1 Gn.Cargo 123 -10
2 Container 168 -10
3 Gn.Cargo / Ro-Ro 116 -10

All piers are suitable for self sustained lo-lo ships. Refrigerated containers 40 points frame plug, 380 V, 50 Hz, 32 A. To discharge of flammable cargoes is only possible when cargo is discharged on "Free Out" basis.
The area allocated to these sort of cargoes (except IMO 1 and 7) is shown on lay-out (February 1996-001)
as stacking area no:9

DISCHARGING RATES: Steel products; 1500/3000 mts/day. Logs/timbers: 1000/2000 cbm/day. Bags: 1000/2500 mts/day.Ro-Ro 50 trailers/hour, Average ctr handling rate; 25-30 ctr/hour.
Container Handling: The port has no container gantries. Only self-discharging container ships are handled. The port has 1x44tons top lifter, 2x15tons and 1x8tons side lifter, 3x3tons forklifts, and one terminal tractor. Stacking capacity ;75.00 teu/year, 3.500 teu(terminal area) , 1.500 teu (In-Land depot), 50 teu (Imco ctr area), 50 teu (Reefer ctr area)

TERMINAL/PORT STOCKING CAPACITY: 65.000 sqm / 3.500 TEU (Custom bonded) including 13.621 sqm for containers. Stacking Areas 70,000 m² total, 63,500 m² open stack, 4,000 m² port sides,2,400 m² covered.(warehouse 2,400 m² covered area and storing service for all kinds of general cargo )

PARKING AREA: There is 4,000m² parking area for trailers, trucks and other vehicles.

EQUIPMENTS: *Portal cranes 1x80 tons ,3x50 tons ,1x36tons, 1x28tons, 2x25tons and 1x10tons.There are 2x10 tons overhead cranes used for general cargo handling in the warehouse. Forklifts 1x7 tons. Mobil cranes 1x 30tons telescopic, 1x 50tons telescopic, 1x110tons telescopic, 1x 85tons telescopic. Weigh-bridge 1x60 t and 1x80 t.

LASHING/UNLASHING GANGS: Available in case of demand.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Sedefport, with its new and safe trailers, provides fast and economic inland transportation services for containers and general cargo. all carried cargoes are insured.

FRESH WATER: available by barge.

BUNKER: available by barge only.

AIRPORT: At Istanbul distance apprx. 84 km from the port.

WORKING HOURS: Normal time: 08.30-18.30 hrs. Over time: 08.30-22.00 hrs Monday-Friday, 08.30-22.00 Saturday-Sunday. Stevedores and other necessary equipment and personnel are working 24 hours ( 3 shift) except national and religious holidays.

GARBAGE REMOVAL: service is available.

WASTE OIL DISPOSAL: service is available.

TUGGIDEVELOPMENTSNG: Sedefport is planning a five year performance improvement and capacity expansion program. To increase capacity to 125,000 teu and 1 million tons of general cargo a year and improve services quality.

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